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Disposable Camera (Film) - Kodak FunSaver / Kodak 800 Speed Film

Updated: Aug 20, 2020


Date - August 9, 2020

Camera - Kodak FunSaver Disposable Camera

Film - Kodak 800 Speed Film

Developed @ - "Chung Pui" Photo Supplies

Scanner - Lab Scanned @"Chung Pui" Photo Supplies

Location - Hong Kong (SoHo / Central Area)

Comment - Every time I go to the development lab to drop off film to be developed, I see these disposable cameras and think I should try one at some point. I finally tried one. 😀

It was actually a lot of fun to shoot. The results are obviously very ordinary, but you can't expect much from a plastic lens, I guess. But even so, the shots still have a particular look about them that is pretty cool in a grainy & "lo-fi" kind of way. I tried scanning a few on my Nikon scanner but decided it was a waste of time, so these are scans straight from the lab. I didn't bother trying to edit any of them either as I think this would alter the look of them. These kind shots are probably best left as default lab scans. I did straighten a few, but that was it.

After a bit of research it seems like these are these specs of the camera:

  • 39 Shots

  • FL = 30mm

  • SS = 1/100 (fixed)

  • Aperture = f/10

  • ISO = 800

  • Flash = 1.2m to 3.5m

  • Min Focus Dist. = 1.2m

Ilford makes a couple of B&W disposable cameras that I'll try next.


Click to enlarge.

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