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Lamma Island - Nikon F3HP (CineStill 50D)

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Date - July 22, 2023

Camera - Nikon F3HP

Lenses - Nikkor-O.C. 35/2, Nikkor-S.C. 55/1.2 & Nikkor-P.C. 105/2.5

Filters - Heliopan 2-Stop ND

Film - CineStill 50D

Scanning Equipment - Valoi

Software - Negative Lab Pro (2.4)

Location - Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Comment - I hate this film 😄. I decided to give it a try because I needed a low ISO option for shooting in harsh sunlight that weekend, and I wanted to experiment with something other than Ektar 100. However, I find that this film produces a very gross colour cast and lacks depth and contrast. I used Negative Lab Pro to process the photos with a neutral white balance and even made some corrections, but the green tint is still pretty noticeable. This film was originally designed for use in cinema, and while it can be developed using regular C41 chemistry after removing the rem-jet layer, I've heard that it can produce better results when developed using ECN-2. I'll never find out though because I'm never gonna shoot it again!

Many like it but it's not for me. I'll stick to Ektar 100 when I need a low ISO stock.

Orange Chairs at the Central Ferry Piers.

Click to enlarge.

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