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Street / (Film) - Nikon F80 / Fuji Industrial 100

Updated: Sep 8, 2020


Date - September 04, 2020

Camera - Nikon F80

Lenses - AF-NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4D

Film - Fuji Industrial 100

Developed @ - "Dotwell" PhotoLab

Scanner - Nikon V-ED

Software - Vuescan / NegativeLabPro / Lightroom

Location - Hong Kong (Jordan to Sham Shui Po)

Comment - I tried some Fuji Industrial 100 for the first time.

I enjoy shooting anywhere from Jordan to Sham Shui Po and all that's in between. It's lively, local and full of unexpected happenings. Parts of these areas can also be pretty gritty, and I wanted a film to match the feel of the shots and thought Fuji Industrial might be the right choice.

Fuji Industrial is hard to find outside of Japan, but it seems to be pretty common in Hong Kong for some reason. It's an ordinary consumer-grade film that seems to accentuate reds and greens a lot and gives off a vintage vibe IMO, which was why I chose it to experiment with it for this type of shooting. When I first started scanning the negatives, I was almost nauseous looking at the images appear on the screen, but the look is kind of growing on me, especially for the subject matter.

Instead of scanning and processing the negs "linear flat" like I usually do and then using a levels adjustment layer in PhotoShop to adjust the individual RGB values, I processed them straight in NegativeLabPro using the "standard" preset. The standard preset emulates a Frontier/Noritsu lab scanner and has that distinct look you used to see decades ago when picking up prints from the local photo lab. I think it suits. I'll have to experiment more with the film and the processing.

I'm glad I used the AF-NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4D for the first time in a while, but it's a bit long for street. Great lens and balances perfectly on the F80, but 35mm is much better for this sort of shooting. You can't react quickly enough to things happening around you with a 50, whereas with a 35 or 28 it gives you that split second more to get the shot as a scene unfolds.


What a weird world we're now living in.


Click to enlarge.

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