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Street (Film) - Nikon F100 / Kodak Ektar 100

Updated: Jul 27, 2020


Date - July 18, 2020

Camera - Nikon F100

Lenses - Tamron 35/1.8 VC, Tamron 45/1.8 VC & Tamron 85/1.8 VC

Film - Kodak Ektar 100

Developed @ - "Dotwell" PhotoLab

Scanner - Nikon V-ED

Software - Vuescan / NegativeLabPro / Lightroom

Location - Hong Kong (SoHo/Central Area)

Comment - I'm trying to persevere with shooting Ektar 100. I like it, but find it difficult to expose correctly a lot of the time. Slowly I'm getting better results, and I think a lot of it comes down to the editing and white balancing correctly in post. Ektar's claim to fame is its saturated and wild-looking colours. It's not good film stock for any sort of people/skin tone type shots as people's faces end up looking red, but for the kind of photos I like taking (of "things") while wandering around the streets... it's perfect.

The Tamron lenses and their inbuilt stabilisation come in handy for shooting 100-speed films like Ektar. I can get a sharp shot with the 35mm & 45mm lenses using shutter speeds as low as 1/15 sec. I wouldn't be able to shoot this film at 7 am otherwise.


Click to enlarge.

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