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Po Toi Island - Nikon F3HP (Kodak Portra 400)

Updated: Sep 26, 2021


Date - November 7, 2020

Camera - Nikon F3HP & Sekonic L-308X-U Light Meter.

Lenses - Nikkor-N.C 24/2.8, Nikkor-O 35/2, Nikkor-S.C 50/1.4 & Nikkor-H.C 85/1.8

Filters - B+W Graduated Neutral Density, Heliopan Circular Polariser, B+W Neutral Density

Film - Kodak Portra 400

Developed @ - "Dotwell" PhotoLab

Scanner - Nikon V-ED

Software - Vuescan / NegativeLabPro / Photoshop / Lightroom

Location - Hong Kong (Po Toi Island)

Comment - Some from Po Toi Island.

This is the most southerly of the islands around HK and takes around 40 mins to get there on a ferry. There's only one ferry there and back a day four days a week. I went on a Thursday, and if you miss the ferry back you are sleeping under the stars there until Saturday when the next one comes. I think there's only 100 people living there now and are mostly fisherpeople. It's a nice peaceful place and pretty popular for camping.

I took the F3HP with Portra 400 @ 320 & 24/2.8 N.C. + 35/2 O + 50/1.4 S.C + 85/1.8 H.C. I metered for the green which was usually around 1/500 and used a 2-stop GND for the sky in most cases. I think there was around 3 stops difference between the sky and the mountains but this is no big deal for negative film. A few of the shots are also from a previous visit with the Minolta Alpha 7 & 24-105D

Perfect Day.

Click to enlarge.

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